How Focal Length Affects Perspective

How Focal Length Affects Perspective

How zooming in/out (different focal length) affect the perspective of the picture that has foreground (e.g. a person – main subject) and background (e.g. scenery)?

The final result depends on few factors. E.g. type of camera (e.g. sensor size, type of lens on camera). The distance between camera, the foreground and background etc.

The example photos were taken using a point-and-shoot camera.

Note: Only work when using camera with Optical Zoom (where the length of lens moves), be it a DSLR or compact Point-and-Shoot camera. No effect on Digital Zoom which is just the cropping of sensor which may result in smaller image (almost same as 0x zoom). I will normally off “digital zoom” option in the camera setting.

Perspective_Shorter Perspective_Longer


Some YouTube videos with more explanation.